What her students are saying

"So I went into Stephanie's class most often on my lunch breaks. It was there in that little room that I could escape the world around me and do what I enjoy the most. Sing! I learned a lot and still have the voice drills memorized and use them to warm up my voice. Stephanie was a voice of encouragement and knowledge and a nice balance of both that made my lessons a lot of fun and also educational. I truly enjoyed my time learning and singing with Stephanie."

- Matt Jones - Songbird Jones

"Throughout 5 years of private lessons, the technique that I have built working with Stephanie stems from her ability to coherently explain the physical aspects of the voice and the mental tips that can improve one’s freedom and power of the voice. I will always be thankful for Stephanie’s investment in my confidence. Stephanie is supportive and so skilled in her methods of teaching. She gave me the guidance I needed to complete a rigorous College audition circuit in 2018. With hard work and her guidance I have reached my goal of attending NYU for a Music Degree!"

- Hannah H.

"I took lessons from Stephanie for over 4 years and during that time she taught me that passion and discipline are one and the same. She uses a mix of encouragement and constructive critique to get the best out of musicians. She taught me that learning never ends especially with music."

- Ashley A.

"Stephanie is a great teacher, patient yet strict. She has found ways to teach to both of our children’s different personalities. Our children have developed a love of piano thanks to Stephanie."

- Kelly L.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Stephanie. Her gentle guidance coupled with her astute ear and high skill level has enabled me to experience consistent improvement in my vocal training. I highly recommend Stephanie.

- Sari D.

We are part timers in Steamboat, thus our schedule fluctuates. Stephanie has welcomed my daughter into her studio nonetheless and has quickly created an atmosphere of ease for a child who is reserved with adults. My daughter sang and practiced hard for her right away, something I did not think would occur until after weeks of getting to know Stephanie.

- Jena D.

As an adult beginner, I have really enjoyed taking piano lessons from Stephanie! I had played clarinet and sung in choir, but was a little intimidated by piano. So many notes to be played at once, and the pedals too? She has been patient, encouraging, and insightful. She tailors our lessons to my learning speed, doesn't talk down to me, and selects pieces that are challenging but manageable for each stage of my learning. The pace keeps me engaged without feeling overwhelmed. I have been studying with Stephanie for over a year and really appreciate her teaching style and musical knowledge. I am so glad she had room in her schedule for me!

- Holly W.

My daughter is eight and loves her lessons with Stephanie Blake. She learns a lot through playing games which is perfect for a child. She has been with Stephanie for less than a year and I can't believe the stuff she can play all ready. We will be with Stephanie for a long time to come.

- Jess T.

Stephanie Blake has been teaching Kelsey for almost three years now and we feel that she has been the perfect choice for us. I always sit in on the lesson and every time I am amazed at the amount of patience Stephanie has! She knows when to switch from the intense instruction to a musical game to make the lesson more interesting. She uses great resources to motivate her students. She has also been very helpful with advice on home practice, which can be a struggle at times. Kelsey has learned a lot in a fairly short period of time and her passion for piano keeps growing. We couldn't be any happier with our decision, thank you Stephanie!

- Petra N.